Where flavours awake your senses

The fragrance of sea spreads in the wind, it’s a spicy way to describe the land of Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen where the ocean provides bountiful fresh produce. At Stelia Beach Resort’s restaurants, guest can experience a world of flavourful cuisine, from local specialties to the finest selection of Asian and Western dishes with subtle creations of talented chefs.

Aroma Restaurant

Like alluring fragrance, Aroma restaurant evokes curiosity for guests to discover tempting tastes from East to West in the Mediterranean-styled dining space.

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At Stelia Beach Resort, GOZO is the most unique and impressive combination between Mediterranean style and Vietnamese tradition reflected subtly and gracefully through its architecture, design and captivating tastes.

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Terra Coffee

Terra Coffee is remarkable with its unique long bar designed entirely of bamboo. The rustic beauty of bamboo and circular open space with Koi fish aquarium and Japanese-styled garden at the centre gives you a calm and peaceful feel.

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