At Stelia Beach Resort, GOZO is the most unique and impressive combination between Mediterranean style and Vietnamese tradition reflected subtly and gracefully through its architecture, design and captivating tastes. Built from more than 40,000 bamboo trees, Gozo is proudly recognized as “The largest bamboo restaurant in Vietnam” in June 2021 by Vietnam Guinness Association.

GOZO Brew House Restaurant

Being built from more than 40,000 bamboo trees, GOZO is proud to receive the record set as "The largest bamboo restaurant in Vietnam" in June 2021.


350 - 400


Sea view

Operating time

06:30 - 22:00

(0257) 3666 678


The essence of local and Mediterranean flavors

Open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, GOZO offers a variety of Vietnamese cuisine from different regions, including a wide range of Phu Yen specialties. In addition, the restaurant also creates a special menu presenting selected Mediterranean and Asian flavours as well as some creations from GOZO’s skillful chefs.

Particularly, as its name, GOZO has a mini brewery set inside the restaurant where guests can enjoy the best draft beers produced in the traditional method.

The most unique culinary rendezvous in Tuy Hoa

GOZO is well known as one of the most favourite rendezvous in Tuy Hoa City with golden view overlooking the ocean and Nghinh Phong Tower. Set poolside in the capacious and elegant space, GOZO is the ideal point for intimate parties for family, friends or special celebrations.