Stelia Beach Resort – A typical Greek architecture

They are nestled under the lush of the 50 year-old casuarina forest, an overwhelming resort complex located separately on Doc Lap Street. And so forth, tourists seem to be intoxicated with the stunning scenery that nature and humans create.

Having 52 rooms and villas, with distinctive colors of white and blue in harmony with the sky, the blue ocean and colorful bougainville, minimalist but exquisite, in harmony with nature, enchanting to immerse.

Stelia Beach Resort offers a diversity of options but always comfort and privacy. From one-bedroom to two, three and four-bedroom. Combined private pool or garden. From organizing an outdoor BBQ party to a romantic dinner with only two people. Everything is poetic and close to nature.

High-class and luxurious interior, mixed with the Mediterranean style is a place to back, relax and enjoy moments with family and friends. Complimentary amenities also increase chances for families closed with outdoor activities such as infinity pools, cycling around the resort, kids play zone, romantic outdoor cinema, jogging on the beach, gym…

Despite being designed with distant Greek style, the rabbit-ear cactuses planted in jade-blue enamel pots or bougainvillea covered the roof,… has the characteristic of the central, Vietnamese, simple but elegant.

Gozo – The largest bamboo restaurant in Vietnam

Designed in the shape of an arc, Gozo evokes the imagery of a kite catching wind toward an immense ocean. Gozo is the largest bamboo restaurant in Vietnam with the square up to 1.900m2, made up of more than 40.000 sturgeon trees and a dome roofed by hundreds of thousands of nipa leaves.

Gozo shows Vietnamese features among Mediterranean style villas, flexible and steady catching the sea breeze. Gozo has two main colors that are wood and terracotta color, in harmony with nature, idyllic but luxurious. Gozo infinity pool has a view toward Nghinh Phong square. With the open space style, Gozo has the unique vision of Tuy Hoa.

In particular, Gozo has the traditional beer brewing chain in the restaurant, the blends of flavors, Gozo Brew House produces full-flavored draft beer.

Terra coffee serves fresh beverages,looking at Koi fish swimming in the Japanese garden. Aroma with elegant and luxurious Santorini-style serving Asian-European dishes, taste and aroma converge.

Enjoy the relaxation from inside

Aura Spa is a peaceful and relaxing corner inspired by nature. Hot mineral hot tub, dry-wet sauna, full body massage experience in the soft, gentle fragrance of the space. Aura Spa heals the souls of travelers. Dissolve the fatigue of the outer chaos, to be able to slow down, comfort and soothe the soul, nourish and restore both mind and spirit. Aura Spa will take care of the body that we have always loved and cherished.

Archives Private Beach – named after Greek god is where you can freely play with waves, listen to the sea whispering and singing. Contemplate the dawn and the sunset in your own way.

Stelia Beach Resort is a wonderful highlight of Phu Yen. A place where nature and human harmoniously and gracefully adorn each other. A quiet, sophisticated and classy place for you to experience a well-deserved vacation.

Keep good time.

Modern equipment

For those who love physical activity, you can use a fully equipped gym with modern training equipment.

Comfortable space

With a mediterranean-style liberal design, Stelia Beach Resort's 41 rooms and villas offer a luxurious and elegant resort space.

Utility furniture

Each room is marked with the natural beauty of trees, flowers in each view combined with elegance in the interior decoration style to create warmth, relaxation and peace for visitors.

Have fun

As an ideal rendezvous point for resort tourism that is becoming a strong development trend in Vietnam, Stelia Beach Resort has all the attractive advantages for travelers who are looking for a worthy vacation in a relaxing and private space.


Block C1 Independence Street, P.9 Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen
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2:00 am ~ 12:00 pm